The Pile of hard rubbish where I found my trs80 coco colour computer.

Shortly before moving to Melbourne I found a pile of hard rubbish.  It was a kind of magical pile of hard rubbish.

In it I found:

• A painting of some sailboats on a lake in the bush

• A green malvern star bicycle

• A radioshack trs80 coco computer

The bicycle got me where I was going for years to come. In Adelaide I kept it in the backyard under a grapevine.

When I locked the bike up in the city I found that there were ants crawling on it after work each day.  Maybe they were eating grape matter!

When I moved to Melbourne I found that a colony of ants had stowed away in the bike’s kickstand so I named the bike Uncle Milton.  When I was a kid I had an Uncle Milton brand ant farm.  The ant farm was green and full of ants, just like my bike.’s isometric graph paper

I’ve been working on a suitcase musical for quite some time. The idea is that the whole show comes out of a suitcase.

One idea I had was to project a hand-drawn theatre set behind myself. Maybe the projector could be in the suitcase!

I searched online for the rules of isometric drawing. How does one draw lines at certain angles to trick they eye into seeing in three dimensions? Instead I was directed to purchase an isometric graph paper notebook. I already love regular graph paper so I thought that sounded like a good idea.

I couldn’t find a reasonably priced isometric graph paper notebook that would be as good as or cheaper than one I could print at my local-mega-office-retailer. I searched the web high and low for a good isometric graph pdf and the best one I know of is at

The pdf features nice grey lines and slightly darker grey lines every five lines or so.  It is very fun to draw on.